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CTSOK attended 4th Geothermal Expo Fair on Behalf of its Members

The Chamber of Commerce specialist represented I.B.C. Praha at the 4th Geothermal Expo Fair between 12-14 January 2017 in Istanbul Expo Center Yeşilköy, İstanbul

ISTANBUL, TURKEY – 20 January 2017. The Czech-Turkish Chamber of Commerce provides services to companies seeking to expand their business and contribute to trade between Turkey and the Czech Republic. I.B.C Praha is a Czech producer of industrial valves. The company has asked the Chamber to assist it in taking advantage of the opportunities in the Turkish energy sector, and expand into this market.

The Chamber prepared a market feasibility study, a business plan and a website in Turkish. Mr. Anıl Yıldız and the managers from I.B.C Praha met and discussed possible clients such as producers, distributors and power plant companies. Visiting the 4th Geothermal Expo Fair was part of the plan to meet with such companies and build stronger relationships with them.

Turkey is one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world. Its 2023 target for geothermal industry is installing power plants that will provide 600 MW of geothermal and 5,000 MW of solar energy. Following the implementation of investor-friendly regulations and the high increase in demand, the Turkish energy sector is becoming more vibrant and competitive, attracting the attention of new investors to each component of the value chain in all energy sub-sectors.

The 4th Geothermal Expo Fair is organized by Demos Exhibitions and supported by Geothermal Electric Power Plant Investors under the ‘Energy Next’ concept. The fair’s purpose is to bring together all investors interested in geothermal energy, integrated use of geothermal energy and the geothermal areas licensed for use by state institutions in the Turkish market.

Exhibitors in the fair included geothermal power plants, drilling, valves, pipes, geothermal systems, geothermal automation and software, geothermal research, and consulting companies.

According to Mr. Yıldız, the programme of the fair was well-organized, provided a chance to establish contacts with different local and international firms, and attend professional lectures on the latest developments in geothermal technologies.

Mr. Yıldız successfully introduced the activity and advantages of I.B.C. Praha to Turkish companies, who responded positively. As a result, I.B.C. Praha will meet with relevant companies who are interested in cooperating with them. The Chamber of Commerce will continue to work with I.B.C. Praha to make the most out of these new opportunities.

To learn more about how your company can benefit from the expertise and local presence of the Czech-Turkish Chamber of Commerce, please contact the Chamber.


About I.B.C. Praha

I.B.C. PRAHA spol. s r. o. was founded in 1994 by separating sales and servicing activities of I.B.C. spol. s r. o. Krnov, which was founded as a successor of the privatized plant Armaturka Krnov and has been producing industrial valves for more than 60 years.