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EKOL Logistics in Trieste, Italy

EKOL Logistisc, the Czech branch is the newest member of the Czech-Turkish Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to its investment extends the scope of the Italian port of Trieste.

Significant investment in logistics company EKOL

The company Ekol Logistics has acquired a significant 65% stake in the company Europa Multipurpose Terminals (EMT), service port for Ro-Ro and rail transport unit in Trieste, Italy.

This acquisition is another important step in the region, after the construction of Ro-Ro terminal, which the company builds in Yalova, Turkey. Ekol embarked on a more intermodal investments in 2016, with continuing efforts to achieve sustainable growth through the development of processes and practices environmentally friendly.

On December 6, 2016, Ekol Logistics won the majority in society Europa Multipurpose Terminals , the operator of the sixth port of Trieste. At the beginning of 2017, Ekol Logistics plan is to launch the operation of the terminal Ro-Ro, which is currently being built in the city of Yalova.

With these planned investments in the port of Trieste, Ekol Logistics is able to operate two independent Ro-Ro operations simultaneously, while also increasing the capacity of trains on the 10-day shuttle transportation. Currently provided service port for the Turkish and Greek Ro-Ro vessels expand to other countries such as Israel and Egypt, with the purpose of expansion of the portfolio in the coming years. The current annual capacity of 110,000 units shipped Ro-Ro ships and 70,000 troops transported by rail in 2016, expected in 2017 to increase to 140,000 units Ro-Ro ship carried its own fleet and 100,000 units in the railways.

The owner of the company Ekol Logistics and Yalova Ro-Ro Terminal, Mr. Ahmet Musul said the new investment: “The port of Trieste has an important place for the further development of our intermodal transport solutions, to offer our better innovative services offered to our customers in one hand with sustainable low and cost effective solution. we attached our position that we acquired a majority stake in the multipurpose terminal, from a company with whom we have worked so far. Together with the acquisition we gain even a team of professionals with a deep knowledge of port operations.

I am convinced that we will implement and expand the experience that we gained in Yalova Ro-Ro terminal, with a scheduled opening in early 2017.

“We welcome new shareholders and look forward to supporting the healthy growth of the company. The port authorities perceive this development as an act that strengthens the position of the port of Trieste as the leading port on the coast of the northern part of the Mediterranean Sea with connections to highways and in conjunction with the Eastern Mediterranean and intermodal železničně- marine transport, “said Francesco Parisi of the company Casa di SPEDIZIONI SpA, to date, the majority owner of EMT, and Friulia SpA, the Friuli Venezia Giulia – a private investment company.