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PC International becomes a member of Chamber

How can Chamber help you?

There are both operational and legal challenges of expanding into new markets. If you are considering expanding your business into the Czech Republic, Czech-Turkish Joint Chamber of Commerce is ready to support you. Besides supporting you with core business oriented topics like business development, commerce, marketing, law, regulations and alignment with procedures, the Chamber can support you with reallocation, cultural orientation and training. As a result of your cooperation with the Chamber, you can be one of the successful Turkish companies in the Czech Republic.

One of the cornerstones of expansion into a new market is business development. And, the Chamber supports entrepreneurs with its business development services. Even your business is unique, the dynamics of your target market might not be feasible for you. With Chamber’s market feasibility and business plan service, Chamber’s team work on the possibility of success in the Czech Republic of your business. They

  • analyze the market share of your business,
  • competition conditions,
  • competitors and their status.

After the analyze is over, they present you how you can expand into your new market. If you decide on expanding, they maintain their support with Chamber’s  complementary services.

There are also other ways to enter your new target market: Being a partner in a project or finding a partner that already exist in the market. Chamber’s team supports you with determining and developing your potential targets and partnership. Your potential partnership or field you are planning to be active in might need special regulations. In order to minimize potential risks and losses from the beginning, Chamber and its partners’ teams can establish your company from the scratch or in the case of the partnership, they can support you determining and developing your partnership and management rights agreement that align with your business goals. Moreover, they can support you with obtaining work permits and required business related licenses and by providing all the required legal, tax and accounting needs.


To learn more about how your company can benefit from the expertise and local presence of the Czech-Turkish Joint Chamber of Commerce, please contact the Chamber.