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Managers of I.B.C. Praha met with potential companies in Turkey

Managers Dmitry Vidmanov and Jaroslav Vodacek from I.B.C. Praha and Chamber’s business development specialist Anıl Can Yıldız had successful meetings with valve companies from İstanbul, Kocaeli, Samsun and Ankara.


İstanbul, Turkey – 06 March 2017 – The Czech-Turkish Chamber of Commerce provides services to companies seeking to expand their business and contribute to trade between Turkey and the Czech Republic. I.B.C Praha is a Czech producer of industrial valves. The company has asked the Chamber to assist it in taking advantage of the opportunities in the Turkish energy sector, and expand into this market.

The Chamber prepared a market feasibility study, a business plan and a website in Turkish. Mr. Anıl Yıldız and the managers from I.B.C Praha met and discussed possible clients such as producers, distributors and power plant companies. Second visiting in Turkey and meeting with potential companies were part of the plan to meet with companies got in touch before and discuss possible business opportunities.

Turkey is one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world. Its 2023 target for geothermal industry is installing power plants that will provide 600 MW of geothermal and 5,000 MW of solar energy. Following the implementation of investor-friendly regulations and the high increase in demand, the Turkish energy sector is becoming more vibrant and competitive, attracting the attention of new investors to each component of the value chain in all energy sub-sectors.

On 20th of February, the second visitings in Turkey that lasted for four days started. In that four days, managers and Mr. Yıldız had meetings with fifteen companies in İstanbul and 1 company in Kocaeli. They also had visitors from Ankara and Samsun. The companies were valve producers which are producing ball, gate, globe, butterfly valves, special valves and strainers. In addition to producers, engineering companies working for big references like Tüpraş, Botaş, Turkish Petroleum Corporation etc. and valve distributors were also in the selection of potential companies.

Agenda of the first day was visiting the three companies on Monday which they visited last time in İstanbul. First company which managers of I.B.C. Praha and Mr. Yıldız visited was really positive about possible future cooperation. On Tuesday, I.B.C. Praha’s managers and Mr. Yıldız went to Kocaeli to visit a factory to see production details and discuss future cooperation with producer company. It was very positive meeting for two companies. On Wednesday, Mr. Anıl introduced Chamber’s Turkish partner to Mr. Vidmanov and Mr. Vodacek. They talked about valve industry in Turkey, possibilities in Turkey and expectations of I.B.C. Praha’s in Turkish market. On Thurday, after visiting a producer and distributor companies I.B.C. Praha had six companies visiting them from Kocaeli, Ankara, Samsun.  


Commenting on business trip Mr Yıldız said “Second business trip was very effective and instructive for I.B.C. Praha. Now, they know market dynamics and Turkish business mentality better than before. They have good contacts and potential partners in Turkey which will lead them to agree on long-term cooperations with Turkish companies.”.

Besides business life, there is a social life

In their spare time in İstanbul, Mr. Vidmanov and Mr. Vodacek enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather, tasted the specialties of Turkish cuisine and visited historical places.

Wednesday afternoon, they went to Eminönü Square to visit “Grand  Bazaar.” It was very interesting experience for I.B.C. Praha’s managers. Sellers were shouting and everywhere was smelling spice. After small “Grand Bazaar” tour, they visited the most famous Turkish delight producer’s shop  “Hacı Bekir”.

After Grand Bazaar, next stop was “Galata Tower”. They had a chance to experience sunset at the top of the Galata Tower. The experience was unique and Istanbul landscape was impressive.

They walked through the İstiklal Avenue. İstiklal Avenue is one of the most famous avenues in İstanbul. It i
s an elegant pedestrian avenue which houses boutiques, bookstores, art galleries, cinemas, pubs, night clubs, historical patisseries, and

On the last day, Mr. Vidmanov and Mr. Vodacek had a tour in Moda, Kadıköy and enjoyed sunny weather on the Moda shore.


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About I.B.C. Praha
I.B.C. PRAHA spol. s r. o. was founded in 1994 by separating sales and servicing activities of I.B.C. spol. s r. O. Krnov, which was founded as a successor of the privatized plant Armaturka Krnov and has been producing industrial valves for more than 60 years.