Seminar on European Union and Turkey Relations by Eurocentrum Prague
Managers of I.B.C. Praha met with potential companies in Turkey

Turkey-Czech Republic Agribusiness Forum brings together ministers, statesmen and industry experts

Czech-Turkish Chamber of Commerce vice president Alper Özmert and the chairman of the supervisory board Martin Felenda attended the Turkey-Czech Republic Agribusiness Forum.


İstanbul, Turkey – 01 March 2017 – Turkey-Czech Republic Agribusiness Forum was organised by Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey in partnership with Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey. The event was attended by the Turkish and Czech Ministers of Agriculture on January 31, 2017 in Ankara. The highlights of the Forum were the Ministers’ keynote speeches and an after-programme networking event. Czech-Turkish Joint Chamber of Commerce was on site representing the interests of its members who are interested in agriculture.

It is estimated that by 2050 the world agricultural output needs to grow by 60% due to unequal distribution of food and expected future scarcity. Both ministers underlined the importance of cooperation and development of new strategies to increase the trade volume between the two countries.

The Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of the Republic of Turkey, Faruk Çelik, stated that the total trade volume between the Czech Republic and Turkey increased threefold since 2006. It now amounts to 3 billion USD and is expected to reach 5 billion USD in the near future. The share of agriculture in trade between the two countries, however, makes up just 4% as of today, which is around 126 million USD. Both ministers agreed that this share must be increased.

Agriculture Minister of Czechia, Marian Jurečka, said that Czech companies are ready to share their expertise and knowhow with Turkish companies. He emphasized that products like vegetables, fruits, fish and other seafood, which the Czech Republic cannot produce, present an immense opportunity for Turkish companies to contribute to the export to Czechia. Czech companies, on the other hand, should consider that the Czech Republic is one of the largest livestock exporters to Turkey.

The business forum strengthened relations between the two countries and aims to increase cooperation in the field of agriculture. Czech and Turkish companies were able to discuss possible cooperation at the networking and B2B meeting session. Mr. Özmert and Mr. Felenda promoted the Chamber and brought on board new members and partners. They are positive about the outcome of the forum, predicting that the goal of 5 billion USD will soon be reached and exceeded. The Chamber is ready to help any company considering to contribute to agribusiness trade between the two countries as well as enterprises focusing on solving the imminent food scarcity problem. For more information, please contact the Chamber.



TURKEY-CZECHIA TRADE FACT SHEET (Ministry of Economy, 2016, Jan-Nov)

Total Trade Volume: 3,05 Billion USD

Export from Turkey to Czechia: 737 Million USD

Main Export Items: Motor vehicles, parts and components for motor vehicles, and textile

Export from Czechia to Turkey: 2,32 Billion USD

Main Export Items: Motor vehicles, automatic data processing machines and air conditioning.
Trade Balance: 1,58 Billion USD in favour of Czechia