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Turkish Culture and Business Etiquette Training for GE Power

CTSOK delivers training on Turkish culture, business etiquette and intercultural relations to GE Power’s employees in preparation for the company’s new project in Turkey


PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC – 30 January 2017. The Czech-Turkish Chamber of Commerce has successfully delivered cultural training to employees of the Czech company GE Power. During a day-long training, held on January 27th, CTSOK Member of Executive Board, Mr. Yalin Yüregil and business development specialist Ms. Melis Özcan  taught GE Power managers and employees about Turkish culture, business mentality and cultural differences at the company’s headquarters in Brno, Czech Republic. The training was delivered to sixteen participants who will be working on a power plant project in Turkey.

The training consisted of 3 sections: Turkish culture and history, Turkish business mentality, and differences between Czech and Turkish cultures. In the Turkish culture and history module, participants learned about the history of Turkey, relations between EU and Turkey, traditions, cultural motives, and the daily and social life in Turkey. The business mentality module provided participants with information on employee profiles, work environment, and Turkish business ethics and etiquette. The final module was delivered in an interactive session where participants could discuss their views of the two cultures, share their experiences, watch videos and practice the Turkish language.

The day ended with complimentary Turkish coffee and practicing basic Turkish words such as “Teşekkür ederim” (Thank you), “Lütfen” (Please) and “Merhaba” (Hello). The training helped GE Power trainees expand and contextualise their knowledge of Turkey gained through business trips, summer holidays and the media. It helped them understand the environment in which they will be working, and create better working relations with their Turkish colleagues on the project.


For more information about how cultural training can help your company perform better in the Turkish or Czech market, please contact The Czech-Turkish Joint Chamber of Commerce.


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